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Hey there! Thanks for visiting my website. If we haven't had the chance to work together, it's time to remedy that:)


Celebrating 31 years in the Chicago acting biz and so very proud to be a part of it! I started out working on-stage and very quickly discovered how much I loved working in front of a camera and behind a microphone. 

My work on-camera included hundreds of television commercials and corporate videos, appearances on Chicago PD and Empire, independent films and commercial print work. On-camera work in television commercials led me into the world of voice-overs and I've been working as a professional voice-over talent for 25 years. You've probably heard my voice on the radio, in television commercials, audiobooks, computer games, or when you were playing a slot machine in Vegas. 

My audiobooks are on Amazon, iTunes and Audible. To purchase copies and hear samples of my audiobook work click on Audiobooks in the pull down menu. 

I hope we have the chance to work together soon! Click Contact in the pull down menu to get in touch with me:)




Represented by Shirley Hamilton Talent


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